What Chronic Asthma Symptoms In Children Should You Watch For?

Asthma-ChildrenChronic asthma symptoms in children can be spotted, but only if you know what to look for. If you are trying to see what may be wrong with your child, you should do research here, and also be sure that if there are any emergency issues that you contact help right away. You need to know if this is asthma, allergies, or something else because it could be a serious issue. Many children do have asthma, and so it’s not that bad if you have a kid that does because there are many ways to get help.

Does your child have wheezing and coughing symptoms? This is something that can be asthma if it happens after they are active or excited, but if not then it may be a viral infection. If your child has had a lot of viral infections then you may have to deal with them developing asthma and that’s one risk of not getting any kind of problem with coughing or wheezing taken care of right away. There are medications that can knock out infections quickly, and so you need to be aware of what your child’s health is like to get problems like this quickly cared for.

What chronic asthma symptoms in children can be caused by the parent or others around them? One thing would be smoking cigarettes and having your child around you. This is very dangerous not only because it’s going to cause coughing and other symptoms, but also because it can give your children cancer. People tend to think that second hand smoke is no big deal, but it’s basically like smoking when you breathe that air in. Make it a point to smoke outside or somewhere that is ventilated so none of the smoke goes around any children.

Pollution is something that can cause children to develop asthma, and so that means you need to consider how much they are around. If you are moving to a new area, you may not want a child with asthma to have to live too close to the middle of a busy area. There are a lot of vehicles that give off pollution and many factories in cities that can add bad things to the air. If you notice that your child has problems with breathing when they are outside, then you may want to try and move to a less busy area.

Begin looking for signs of asthma during the morning hours or as your kid sleeps. This is because it’s easy to hear the wheezing when a child is tired. Cold air can also trigger symptoms, along with exercising or any activity that gets their heart rate up. You should listen for a high pitched sound that comes from their breathing and happens when they’re breathing out. However, if you can’t hear anything it still could be there so don’t think that’s a reason they may not have it. A doctor can find out if the noise is there with a stethoscope.

Coughing and wheezing will happen during the days and at night, but it may not always be around. If you notice any symptoms, you’ll want to talk with a doctor because if a child is having a hard time breathing they could end up passing out. If they do this then it could be very dangerous, such as if they are crossing the street or even eating something. You can get an inhaler for the child to use, and then when they are having an attack it will be simple to get it under control.

Now that you know the chronic asthma symptoms in children are, you can look out for them to know what you may be dealing with. If you have any questions still, then it’s best to get with your doctor because they should be able to get your child the right kind of help. The longer you wait to fix this kind of a problem the more you’ll be risking your child getting seriously hurt. Asthma may be easy to deal with in some cases, but it can get dangerous as the problem starts to progress.


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